Selling all the time, everywhere. 

The very first phone app for wholesalers ever created. 

Think Big.

Be free to move around while taking orders can be a game-changer.

Microstore gives access to all your fashion references anytime and wherever your are. Your clients will not make the difference between the physical and the online showroom anymore. 




Relying on the continuous availability of your items as well as the online order-taking : Everything becomes possible to make sales. 


Be fearless.


This is the daily average screen time spent by the users on their smartphones.

By having your own app within reach of their eyes, you will make their buying experience easier and will increase your sales. 


Keep in touch. 

The technology is here to improve everyone’s life. Microstore enables you to reach both your iOS and Androïd clients. But not only, in addition to the online showroom, the largest coverage of clients is guaranteed. 

Which means that more clients can do business with you. How could it be easier ? 



Microstore completely fits with your way of working. 

Thanks to a notification, you can let know your clients about all of your latest items. This functionality is perfect to save a precious amount of time for you. 

No more emails, whatsApp texts or anything else that used to waste your time. 

Which language do you speak?

When it comes to speaking, Microstore is no joke. Thanks to the 9 languages integrated to its amazing platforms.

the conversation with your clients and their browsing experience become easier and fluent. 

Voir les langues disponibles

A, B, C, D ...

If you are asking. A, B, C, D correspond to the prices that you have allocated to your clients.

Every client sees the price matching to the category you previously chose for them. 

Schedule your uploadings

You can now publish your latest items to a part of your clients before it goes online for everyone. You can select a few of your clients to have access to your new collection preview. 

Your data are precious

Just as all the MC solutions : Microstore has been designed with a view to protect your data. No one will own your informtaion, they will be encrypted and kept private. 


Need Help ? 

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