Wholesale Business Management Software

Manage your B2B wholesale business with MC APP on inventory management and accounting management

MC App is a solution for business management, stock management, customer management that has been designed to meet the needs of both wholesale and brand suppliers.

Our field experience has given rise to a management tool perfectly adapted to fashion professionals, it supports the customer in his stock management, order taking and customer relations. 


Optimize your sales with the sales solution, advanced sales representative management, and remote sales. Indeed your customers, shop managers, e-commerce site buyers or semi-wholesalers can visit your warehouse to make purchases and stock supply but with MC App they can buy and stock themselves through distance selling. Thanks to MC App and the MicroStore application, customers have quick access to your items, your stocks are synchronized in real-time and the customer can stock up at any time.

For each order, you receive a notification: order management is simplified.



"The applications are very easy to use. The service of the VERY REACTIVE team is responding to this problem right now."

--- Les soeurs K


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