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MicroStore is a complete purchasing solution that has been designed for you, shop managers and fashion professionals to facilitate your supplies and support you in your purchasing process.

MicroStore is a complete purchasing solution that has been designed for you, shop managers and fashion professionals to facilitate your supplies and support you in your purchasing process.


In collaboration with suppliers from Paris (Aubervilliers), essential suppliers of the trade, you have access to a wide choice of clothing for women, men, accessories, shoes, and bags. 


It is an additional purchasing channel that makes life easier for store managers for replenishments, particularly by notifying new products. It is a private showroom, showroom or online shop in which all items are displayed and synchronized in real-time. Thanks to MC App's stock management performance and customer relationship management, you can browse all items and place orders easily. 


The advantage of MicroStore, an online store, is that you have access to all your suppliers and wholesalers in the same application. The contact between wholesalers and the buyer is facilitated. Indeed, an exclusive relationship is created over time. 

The supplier is in permanent contact with its customers by sending them a virtual catalog of clothing, bags, shoes or accessories.  


In addition, as soon as the wholesaler registers a new item, you are immediately informed by a notification on your smartphone. 


You are constantly informed of the latest trends and you can replenish your stocks by placing orders at any time and in any place. 


Thus you can anticipate your stocks by better stock management and offer trendy clothing by diversifying your items. MicroStore supports you in optimizing the purchasing and replenishment process. 


Please note that this service is operated by suppliers and wholesalers there is no intermediary, your main interlocutors are the suppliers. 


MicroStore is part of the MC App suite, which is a stock and business management solution designed to meet the needs of suppliers, wholesalers, and brands.

Our field experience has given rise to a management tool perfectly adapted to fashion professionals, it supports wholesalers and suppliers in their stock management, order taking and customer relations. 


Optimize your sales with the sales solution, advanced sales representative management, and remote sales. Indeed your customers, shop managers, e-commerce site buyers or semi-wholesalers can visit your warehouse to make purchases and stock supply but with MC App they have the possibility to buy and stock themselves through distance selling. Thanks to MC App and the MicroStore application, customers have quick access to your items, your stocks are synchronized in real-time and the customer can stock up at any time.


For each order, you receive a notification: order management is simplified.

In short, MC App offers one application per business line: 

MC Manager, This is the administrator software that manages the back office of your company. With MC Manager you have a complete overview of articles, stocks, order intake, cash flow, and customers.


MC Seller is the application for sales. Your salespeople, salespeople, sales representatives can easily place an order and close a sale at any time and in any place. Stocks are synchronized in real-time: orders are placed with complete peace of mind.

MS Manager, the application for managing your online store for your distribution network. Customer relationship management, customer access to your online store and online order taking. You also manage the layout and display of your online store's items. 


MicroStore is your online store for your distribution network. Online sales solution that facilitates the replenishment and purchase of your customers, store managers. With better visibility of your products and simplified inventory management from MC App: your distance selling process is made easier.

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