Retail Business Management System

Manage your B2C retail business with MC APP on inventory management and accounting management

MC App is a complete solution that facilitates the purchasing process for retailers, store managers and merchants. 


Indeed, the MicroStore application is the ideal solution to facilitate your supplies. The advantage of the MicroStore application is that you have access to all your suppliers and wholesalers in the same application. You have access to a wide choice of clothing for women, men, accessories, shoes, and bags. 

It is an additional purchasing channel that makes life easier for store managers for replenishments, particularly by notifying new products. It is a private showroom, showroom or online shop in which all items are displayed and synchronized in real-time. Thanks to MC App's stock management performance and customer relationship management, you can browse all items and place orders easily. 


The MicroStore service is operated by suppliers and wholesalers there is no intermediary, your main interlocutors are the suppliers. 



"The application seems to me to be very efficient and intuitive. The service and support is very positive. Impressive responsiveness, top-notch service and a presence that exceeds what I could have imagined imaginer😊."

--- T-MOO



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